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Wild Flower Gardens and Beds
wild flower garden and beds

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Bongiorno's Contracting is pleased to offer installation of wild flower gardens and beds. We carry a wide variety of species and designs that is sure to fit into any residential or commercial project.

This is one of our wild flower beds designed and planted by our staff of experienced landscape contractors.

Tell us your favorite colors and we'll do the rest. There are many varieties and colors available for New York conditions. We will select the best plants for your conditions and supply and plant them for you. All you have to do is water them and watch their colors shine.

The greatest variety of wild flowers are found in the temperate zone. Here each flower blooms in its proper season according to the laws of its nature. In the spring appear those that need abundant water from winter snows and spring rains.

Some wild flowers that grow in the forests store up food in bulbs and rootstocks, so they do not need long hours of sunshine. They are small and low-growing and appear before their taller neighbors can cut off their supply of sunlight. Such flowers include the trillium, bloodroot, spring beauty, and Dutchman's-breeches. As the leaves of your trees open, the shade-loving flowers appear under their protection. Most trees have already finished blooming before the leaves expand. Plants that live in drier soil and plenty of sunshine have blossomed by midsummer. These include daisies, asters, and sunflowers.


1. Select a shady part of your lawn where you have difficulty maintaining grass cover.

2. Do not rake up the leaves in the fall. Up to 5 inches of leaf cover are necessary to keep down unwanted grass and weeds and to provide the proper soil texture and protection for woodland flowers.

3. Map the area you have selected locating existing trees, rocks, and bushes. Draw in a network of trails crossing the area. Curved trails are usually more esthetic than straight ones. Paths are important so you do not walk on emerging vegetation and they provide a place to stand or kneel while planting, weeding, or photographing your lowers.

4. Shade tolerant wild flowers and ferns can be planted any time when plants are available, but survival is usually best if planted in the spring or fall when the weather is cooler and wetter. Use your map in deciding where to plant. Low growing plants like the hardy wild ginger can be planted bordering the trail while the tall ostrich fern and trillium belong in the background or center positions.

5. Transplants for your garden can be purchased at the Landscape Arboretum plant sale in May or you can ask a friend for some plants from their garden. Many plants such as ferns and ginger are prolific and must be thinned out or they would dominate a well established garden.

6. Seeds from bloodroot, jack-in-the pulpit, and many other woodland flowers can be collect d when the seeds ripen in the summer and fall, and planted in the fall in bare soil, then covered with leaves. In the late spring periodically check the seed beds and remove some of the heavy leaf' cover as the new plants germinate and grow. If the new plants come up too thick, some can be transplanted to other sites.

We own our equipment and we meet our deadlines.  We don't rely on contractors or rent or borrow equipment from other companies.  This is a representative sample of one of our projects.


Only ten years ago, what is now a natural woodland wild flower garden was part of this lawn. The sparse and weedy grass had to be mowed and the leaves had to be raked and carted off.

It takes a number of years to establish a wild flower garden that resembles the natural wild environment of a wooded area. Avoid planting in straight lines or geometric patterns. A squirrel hides acorns in a random pattern. We should do the same with minor adjustments for artistic or size consideration. If you now enjoy photographing woodland flowers while on trips away from home, why not get double enjoyment in starting a wild flower garden in your backyard?

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